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Climate Faze 2 Conference

355 ideas for mankind – How many do you know?

Mr. Nobel traveled for much of his business life, maintaining companies in various countries in Europe and North America and keeping a permanent home in Paris from 1873 to 1891. He remained a solitary character, given to periods of depression. Though Nobel remained unmarried, his biographers note that he had at least three loves. Nobel’s…
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More than just taming nitro..

What if Mister A. Nobel knew how we use drones, rubber, and other materials today? He produced explosives to end the war and to serve humanity. What if he knew how oil products pollute the oceans and the use of his invention, UN Class 1. Alfred conducted a long-range of experiments. However, he also tried…
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Women fly men to the moon.

Margaret Hamilton led a team credited with developing the software for Apollo and Skylab. Hamilton’s team was responsible for developing in-flight software, which included algorithms designed by various senior scientists for the Apollo command module, lunar lander, and the subsequent Skylab. Another part of her team designed and developed the systems software which included the…
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Water is life, how about some dry land?

Movie productions are, sometimes, unfortunate. You may have a vision, but somehow it will find itself, lost at sea. 1995 was not a year when the public openly talked about climate change or the high probability of a massive natural disaster due to mankind produced emissions. This could have just have been a boat in…
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INSULATION – a multilayer question about using the right stuff.

What is the “right” stuff?Why do we need insulation? Where do we need it? What is it made of? How much do we need? Will the material change? What are sustainable building components? When insulating your home, you can choose from many types of insulation. To choose the best type of insulation, you should first determine…
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We´ll find a way….

They say our future is melting… Surely they must be mistaken? Music / Lyrics credits: Southside Café Click for full YouTube video

Are these the dro..nes you´re looking for?

Since technology allowed humans to explore aviation technology as leisure time, people accept drones as a common part of their average day. Unmanned aerial systems today are controlled and monitored by humans. Computerized systems can be so technologically advanced that it appears yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality. It might take some time for the…
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Stop living in a box!

We have always pursued the hunt for a better cave to live in. A home is the starting point for adult life in our modern world. Unfortunately, housing isn´t cheap and the impact on Mother Nature is often severe. Also considering the number of people standing homeless today, there is a strong need for sustainable…
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Optimized future logistics solutions are pure… block logic.

International forwarders, such as FedEx, UPS, and IT companies; SAP and HCL are joining the rapidly growing organization “Blockchain in Transport Alliance, Bita.” It is a high priority to have a working secure document routine in place already this year. According to a spokesperson for BITA, thousand have applied on their webpage. A conference was…
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Evolution – A matter of education & technology.

From cave people to hunters, from settlers to explorers. Some humans are always more curious than others, asking themselves: – What is beyond that ridge? In the computer era that followed “The Enigma”, we embarked on a trip that allows us to explore new grounds, almost every day. The speed of technology is escalating at…
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