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Climate Faze 2 Conference

Make an active choise, choose freight on your terms.

If you control the freight, you can decide how to move the goods. Either you choose the time, capacity or sustainability. You need to agree on means of transportation with the other party involved in the agreement of sale. Make sure you donĀ“t get submerged halfway through the process. The Incoterms or International Commercial Terms…
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What is sustainable logistics?

According to aviation analysts Ascend, the total number of aircraft currently in service is approximately 23,600 – that includes passenger and cargo aircraft. A Chinese e-commerce giant says its 100 billion yuan (US$15.58 billion) investment aims to drive down logistics costs and bolster capacity from its current 100 million packages a day. Alibaba’s “Singles day…
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E(asy)-FREIGHTS with blockchain & A.I

There are many advantages of blockchain technology for freight forwarding and logistics operations. One advantage is the better tracking of orders and assets. Because of the decentralized nature of a blockchain, no single entity is in control of the tracking process, which will increase transparency in the supply chain and ultimately improve consumer trust. In…
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MARPOL – reduce pollution & increase wildlife.

Currently, there are about 60 000 container carriers circumnavigating the globe. They all run on bunker oil. One of these carriers produces the same amount of emissions; sulpher and other particles equivalent to 50 million cars. 20 vessels produce the same amount of emissions as all cars combined on the face of the Earth. Is…
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Optimized future logistics solutions are pure… block logic.

International forwarders, such as FedEx, UPS, and IT companies; SAP and HCL are joining the rapidly growing organization “Blockchain in Transport Alliance, Bita.” It is a high priority to have a working secure document routine in place already this year. According to a spokesperson for BITA, thousand have applied on their webpage. A conference was…
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