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Climate Faze 2 Conference

Social entrepreneurship is not rocket science – Join, and change the world.

Wikipedia: Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business or idea. The people who create these businesses or pursue an idea are called entrepreneurs. Everything has a beginning..We all start with a clean slate. Curiosity, courage and a touch of charisma. You can accomplish anything with the three C´s. You may…
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Knowledge & skill with people by remote..

School of the Air is a generic term for correspondence schools catering for the primary and early secondary education of children in remote and outback Australia where some or all classes were traditionally conducted by radio, although this is now being replaced by internet technology. In these areas, the school-age population is too small for…
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Evolution – A matter of education & technology.

From cave people to hunters, from settlers to explorers. Some humans are always more curious than others, asking themselves: – What is beyond that ridge? In the computer era that followed “The Enigma”, we embarked on a trip that allows us to explore new grounds, almost every day. The speed of technology is escalating at…
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