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Climate Faze 2 Conference

E(asy)-FREIGHTS with blockchain & A.I

There are many advantages of blockchain technology for freight forwarding and logistics operations. One advantage is the better tracking of orders and assets. Because of the decentralized nature of a blockchain, no single entity is in control of the tracking process, which will increase transparency in the supply chain and ultimately improve consumer trust. In…
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Women fly men to the moon.

Margaret Hamilton led a team credited with developing the software for Apollo and Skylab. Hamilton’s team was responsible for developing in-flight software, which included algorithms designed by various senior scientists for the Apollo command module, lunar lander, and the subsequent Skylab. Another part of her team designed and developed the systems software which included the…
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Water is life, how about some dry land?

Movie productions are, sometimes, unfortunate. You may have a vision, but somehow it will find itself, lost at sea. 1995 was not a year when the public openly talked about climate change or the high probability of a massive natural disaster due to mankind produced emissions. This could have just have been a boat in…
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Some will always have Paris….

…others will not because their president said that the environment isn´t that important. While some work to better the world, despite different historical events we see how acting for the good of the world is reduced on the priority list of others. We must stand united in the battle for our mutual world. We can´t…
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MARPOL – reduce pollution & increase wildlife.

Currently, there are about 60 000 container carriers circumnavigating the globe. They all run on bunker oil. One of these carriers produces the same amount of emissions; sulpher and other particles equivalent to 50 million cars. 20 vessels produce the same amount of emissions as all cars combined on the face of the Earth. Is…
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Fashion, in a whole new fa’Z’hion.

Social media gave ”fast fashion” a trip in the fast lane. In 2016 that lane peaked and the rest of the trip went at a more decreased pace. Generation Z has a whole new mindset with regards to quality and sustainability. Fast fashion is rapidly vanishing in their way of consumption according to a recent…
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Knowledge & skill with people by remote..

School of the Air is a generic term for correspondence schools catering for the primary and early secondary education of children in remote and outback Australia where some or all classes were traditionally conducted by radio, although this is now being replaced by internet technology. In these areas, the school-age population is too small for…
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INSULATION – a multilayer question about using the right stuff.

What is the “right” stuff?Why do we need insulation? Where do we need it? What is it made of? How much do we need? Will the material change? What are sustainable building components? When insulating your home, you can choose from many types of insulation. To choose the best type of insulation, you should first determine…
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– Climate change and an unjust society made me a refugee, Kristina says.

Kristina från Duvemåla(“Kristina from Duvemåla”) is a Swedish musical written by former ABBA members Bjoern Ulvaeus (lyrics) and Benny Andersson(music). It’s based on a series of four novels by Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg detailing a family’s poverty-driven migration from Sweden to America in the mid-19th century: The Emigrants, Unto a good land, The Settlers, The…
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We´ll find a way….

They say our future is melting… Surely they must be mistaken? Music / Lyrics credits: Southside Café Click for full YouTube video