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In the 80’s we got ‘electronica’ to complement existing instruments. Artists like; Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, Yazoo, and many others discovered machines; to boost their music. Today youth can create at home, for free, using an average PC.

Taryn Southern has taken it one step further by using AI to (write), compose and produce music for / together with her.”Break free” is the first single from the album “I am AI”.

Taryn’s AI producer is called Amper. For the Millenials and Generation Z*, the “new” tech isn´t actually new. For them, it is just accessible “tech”. By using AI, musicians can save huge amount of time, concentrating on the thing they love the most; creating music, not the logistics of an album, etc.

Taryn goes on saying that she´ll be splitting the revenue of the album with her producer, Ampy.

We don´t know what Amper is planning to do with her share but after listening to the song, it will be interesting to hear some more…

Southern: I’ve been working on a documentary about the brain for the past year and doing a lot of research on innovative technology. As a musician, I was incredibly fascinated by the developments in musical AI, so I started reaching out to companies like Jukedeck, Amper, AI Music, Aiva, and Magenta to see what I could accomplish with their tools.

The album really became a self-imposed challenge more than anything, and an opportunity to explore my ideas about the future in a creative format.

Southern: The process is different depending on the AI platform I’m working with. With my first album, I often started with lyrics and then built the music around that. With the AI album, I start with the music and then write lyrics that I feel fit the sonic mood. In terms of working with the music, it’s not like you just press a button and a beautiful song is created.

Hear Aiva

There is a certain amount of binary decision making by the human – BPM, rhythm, key, mood, instrumentation – and then the AI generates possibilities. Of those possibilities, you pick the ones you like and then dump the ones you don’t. It’s then up to me to arrange the pieces into a song structure to fit the lyrics.

If music be the food of love and/or technology, then play on…


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