If we had a great distant vision…

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If we had a great distant vision…

…like a hawk, we could avoid most disasters, altering our future.

No, this is no science fiction.

Since the days of the Wright brothers, man has tried to take to the skies.

Now drone technology is saving lives proactively, by mimicking fauna in the sky.

A Japan airline flight bound for New York made an emergency landing (5/9 – 17) due to engine trouble caused by a bird strike.

And it wasn’t the only recent case of an avian impediment causing problems for pilots.

After the Hudson incident, airports in New York resorted to culling hundreds of geese to prevent a repeat. This rather callous approach provoked outrage in 2013 when wildlife biologists at JFK shot two snowy owls amid concerns that the birds would fly into aircraft.

JFK was subsequently sued by an animal advocacy organization, but the court ruled in the airport’s favor. Though culling may sometimes be necessary, there are more humane ways to reduce bird strikes.
Scaring measures, such as playing distress calls, firing flares, and even the controlled use of birds of prey have been successfully employed at various airports, says BALPA. ( British Airline Pilots’ Association )

The hawk drone is already in use in Canada and England making take-off and landings more secure from “fowl play”. Additional airports could learn from their experience.

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