355 ideas for mankind – How many do you know?

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355 ideas for mankind – How many do you know?

Mr. Nobel traveled for much of his business life, maintaining companies in various countries in Europe and North America and keeping a permanent home in Paris from 1873 to 1891.

He remained a solitary character, given to periods of depression. Though Nobel remained unmarried, his biographers note that he had at least three loves. Nobel’s first love was in Russia with a girl named Alexandra, who rejected his proposal.

In 1876 Austro-Bohemian Countess Bertha Kinsky became Alfred Nobel’s secretary, but after only a brief stay she left him to marry her previous lover, Baron Arthur Gundaccar von Suttner.

Though her personal contact with Alfred Nobel had been brief, she corresponded with him until his death in 1896, and it is believed that she was a major influence in his decision to include a peace prize among those prizes provided in his will. Bertha von Suttner was awarded the 1905 Nobel Peace prize, ‘for her sincere peace activities.

Yes, Alfred Nobel had higher ambitions for mankind and more in mind, then just exploding ideas.

1891. Patent number 11212. An improved method to generate compressed gas for motor operation.

1891. Patent number 1891. An improved method to provide effervescence under pressure to obtain motor fuel.

You might wonder about the use of fossil fuel and the outcome if he had succeeded with the above patents. We would probably already be driving “cleaner” vehicles and traveling the seas with sustainable vessels.


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