Style is individual. Sustainable purchase is your choice.

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Style is individual. Sustainable purchase is your choice.

Companies have realized that Generation Z is more demanding when it comes to good quality and is not easily fooled by mass marketing.

The below text is a quote and shows how the market is acting to find their customer. “The numbers are in. People love micro-influencers. The niche girl we stumble across via our Instagram discover pages with 7.3k followers? With that reach, she simply has to be authentic, and, therefore, products she endorses are met positively.

So why does this appeal to Gen Z?

They resonate across many diverse cohorts within the generation, allowing specific targeting that’s applicable to even their most minor values.

Their 10-100k follower count means they don’t have to make their message universal, and, as a result, it’s perceived as authentic to this age group globally. Gen Z is more financially aware than expected. They have become known for their entrepreneurial mindset, and everybody has a Depop account ready to flip sneakers purchased in today’s ‘drop culture’.

They know the worth of their money, so having brands target them with vague, mass messages just simply isn’t enough to cut through the noise of their online feeds.

Falling into the Gen Z demographic, with the same age, aesthetic, and interests, these micro-influencers truly are the peers of your target audience. There is an influencer out there for every Gen Z-er you’re trying to target, and we say go find them.”

Companies must also realize that methods of sale will be revealed and might backfire.

Generation Z are caring people, educated and want to accomplish something more.

They don´t just want to wear fashion, they want to be fashionable individuals, without the expense of others.

Fashion should not be imposed on you by market tricks. Generation Z is no longer tied by commercial adds and billboard posters in regard to their consumption.

The Z generation will not be fooled, they truly know what they want to accomplish.



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