Women fly men to the moon.

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Women fly men to the moon.

Margaret Hamilton led a team credited with developing the software for Apollo and Skylab. Hamilton’s team was responsible for developing in-flight software, which included algorithms designed by various senior scientists for the Apollo command module, lunar lander, and the subsequent Skylab.

Another part of her team designed and developed the systems software which included the error detection and recovery software such as restarts and the Display Interface Routines (AKA the Priority Displays) which Hamilton designed and developed.

She worked to gain hands-on experience during a time when computer science courses were uncommon and software engineering courses did not exist.

From 1958 until her retirement in 1986, Katherine Johnson worked as an aerospace technologist, moving during her career to the Spacecraft Controls Branch.

She calculated the trajectory for the May 5, 1961 space flight of Alan Shepard, the first American in space. She also calculated the launch window for his 1961 Mercury mission.

She plotted backup navigation charts for astronauts in case of electronic failures.

When NASA used electronic computers for the first time to calculate John Glenn’s orbit around Earth, officials called on Johnson to verify the computer’s numbers; Glenn had asked for her specifically and had refused to fly unless Johnson verified the calculations.

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