Are these the dro..nes you´re looking for?

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Are these the dro..nes you´re looking for?

Since technology allowed humans to explore aviation technology as leisure time, people accept drones as a common part of their average day.


Unmanned aerial systems today are controlled and monitored by humans.

Computerized systems can be so technologically advanced that it appears yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality. It might take some time for the word ‘drone’ to disappear completely. Many are still hesitant to lose a term that the public understands, and might ultimately buy. Perhaps the ‘drone’ you actually are looking for, is one of the below-stated definitions.

Unmanned Aerial System (#UAS)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (#UAV)

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (#RPA) or Vehicle (#RPV)

Remote ambulance, link:

Drones are not just toys in different sizes, they are much more. Drones have been considered carriers of merchandise and a part of high-tech e-commerce. The amount needed is still an open issue.

However, the use of carrying goods can still be used to save your life if you find yourself in a remote area or in the fatal use of a defibrillator. Drones can aid in the hunt for poachers on the African savannah and reduce the killing of endangered species.

Imagine having a bird’s eye view with thermal-camera-option, cruising above you, displaying tracks and previous movement.

Drones can be used as a twenty-four-seven working security guard, programmed to take different routes on a large industrial site, spotting trespassers.

”Missioncontrolcentre” could then alert police so proper steps and measures can be taken in preventing theft. UAS, can also be used in mines, or monitoring farming fields and constructions.

As drones can be equipped with all sorts of thermal devices etc. of course an alternative use would be if you need to scan, hard to access areas, when making archeological explorations.

Today, drones are mostly used to take spectacular aerial pictures. They say a picture says more than a thousand words but in this case; a drone with internet/radio-features can record, direct and increase the value of living standards, a thousandfold.

Technology should serve mankind, all over our mutual globe.

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