Stop living in a box!

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Stop living in a box!

We have always pursued the hunt for a better cave to live in. A home is the starting point for adult life in our modern world. Unfortunately, housing isn´t cheap and the impact on Mother Nature is often severe.

Also considering the number of people standing homeless today, there is a strong need for sustainable affordable alternatives.

Climate, size, purpose and accessible building-material often determine the final result. Architects like Joseph Paxton, Adolf Loos & Frank L.Wright have all given us creations through time, and of course, buildings must be both appealing and adapted for the use intended.

The machine, which looks more like a small crane than a conventional 3D printer, spits out layer upon layer of a concrete mixture that the company says can last for 175 years.

After printing out the walls, the printer is removed, and a group of contractors installs insulation, windows, appliances, and a roof. (It’s not entirely clear whether the whole house was finished and furnished in 24 hours, or just whether the walls were printed in that time.)

​Australia’s first wooden office building will be built with Stora Enso CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). An office building called International House Sydney, located at Barangaroo, Sydney will be built by Lendlease.

The construction of the building started in April 2016 and is due for completion in 2018. In addition to fast construction time, using CLT, made of renewable and climate-beneficial wood, is a sustainable choice.


The major structural components of the 6-story office with almost 8000 m2 are made from more than 2000 m³ of CLT, produced at Stora Enso’s Ybbs unit in Austria.

Barangaroo is Sydney’s largest urban renewal project since the 2000 Olympics and one of the most significant waterfront transformations currently underway anywhere in the world.

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